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Producer Leme Phiri in the studio

Mastering without masters

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Malawian music is not far from Zambian music in terms of composition and presentation, but what sets the neighbouring country apart is the quality of its music. Minus...

Willie Zingani: A writer of all ages

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  Many know him as a novelist while others as a journalist. However, there is another side of art of this man that a lot of people do...

The scourge of Malawian music videos

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Malawi is one of the countries in the region that got a national television pretty late. As a result, the concept of making music videos is...

Being the king’s beauty

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She is beauty—literally! Call his man a culture warrior. M’mbelwa V seems to have found a way to rejuvenate the Ngoni way of living...

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Junior Flames in morale-boosting SA win

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Malawi Under-20 national team edged hosts South Africa’s Amajita 1-0 yesterday at the Nike Stadium, Soweto, in a practice match. The result was a morale booster for...

Ernest Mtawali eyes Pro-coaching licence

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Under-20 Malawi soccer team coach Ernest Mtawali says he wants to become the first local trainer to have a pro-coaching...

Sulom challenges clubs on gate revenue

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The Super League of Malawi (Sulom) has challenged the league’s teams and fans to act professionally and passionately...

‘Pay up or be snubbed’

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Emerging Super League giants Epac have given their strongest signal yet that clubs wanting to buy their players will...

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